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How Naturopathy Can Help Seizures

I came across Genevieve quite by accident.  I had been seeing a naturopath for several months for my special needs daughter who had been having Grand Mal seizures every month from the period of June to the end of October 2016, hospitalised every time.  Up until the end of June my daughter had been controlled on a minor dose of anti seizure drugs for 2 1/2 years.

I decided to find a naturopath in my local area and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Genevieve while shopping at my local shops. I immediately was given a appointment which was back in late September and have not looked back my daughter has only gone forward due to the knowledge of Genevieve.

My daughter was given several tests including a blood test for MTHFR which she was positive too and also a hair analysis for food allergies,this was a very informative test showing me the right and wrong foods for my daughter who is also a diabetic and on a gluten free diet. Genevieve suggested the GAPS diet I slowly eliminated several food categories which my daughter coped with very well.

We are now going into the third month seizure free and thanks to the care of the wonderful Genevieve and my amazing acupuncture who was referred to me by Genevieve our lives are slowly getting back to normal.

I would truly encourage anyone and everyone with chronic health issues to have trust and hope in Genevieve.

Genevieve cares about you as a person and makes you feel very comfortable.

Thank you Genevieve you have changed my daughters life my regret is that I did not come across you earlier in my daughters life.


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