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How Naturopathy Can Help Asthma

How did you find Genevieve?
Genevieve was suggested by a friend.
How was your overall health before Genevieve started treating you?
I now have the tools to understand my varied personal health challenges and the support to take charge of areas that seemed out of my control.
How was your asthma before you started treatment?
Asthma sneaked up on me earlier this year and I went to see Gen shortly after diagnosis of moderate to severe asthma that required both Preventer, Ventolin and emergency care to manage.
What changes did you notice once he started treatment?
Gen gave me asthma specific supplements. The very day I began taking them I started feeling better, and about a week after taking supplements I realised I could try not using my Preventer medication, so in consultation with my GP I stopped using it.
I have not needed Ventolin or Preventer since then, even in response to known triggers in large doses! I am thrilled.
Do you have any advice for others?
You are in control, take charge by finding someone to help you find the keys to your improved health. Someone like Gen who will explore health from all angles including emotional, and work in conjunction with GPs to find the underlying issues unique to you.
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