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How Naturopathy Can Help Fertility

How did you find Genevieve?

A friend of mine said she went to her. Also, it was nearby and knew she had experience with fertility-related issues.

How long had you been trying to conceive before seeing Genevieve?

1 year.

Did Genevieve do any particular testing with you?

Genevieve was very thorough with testing. I had all sorts of hormones checked, blood taken different times of the month as well as checking minerals (copper, zinc etc) She also had me get an internal ultrasound done. I think she checked just about everything. Iron etc….

What was your outcome?

Before we even got results back she treated me for painful cycles and gave me herbs that genuinely help fertility. I found something in the herbs she gave definitely helped the pain.

After getting all results she changed the herbs to treat accordingly. I conceived within 4 months of seeing Genevieve.

Do you have any advice for others?

I would go back to her. Very knowledgeable, doesn’t waste time. Seemed pretty harmless and safe to start with Genevieve and I was pleased with how thorough her tests were. We didn’t need to do anything invasive to conceive.

Alicia (Pennant Hills)

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