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It is one thing to be contacted by people who need my advice with their health, but it is even better when they contact me to tell me that the advice worked for them…

I have been to several Naturopaths and Gen is the by the best I have seen. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, she is always researching and suggesting new alternatives. Gen is easy to talk to and is generally interested in all aspects of your life as this impacts on your general well being. Go and see for yourself, I would highly recommend you book an appointment.


Gen and her advice has proven to be invaluable to my family and I time and time again. She has successfully helped my family with: recovery after surgery, morning sickness, general health and well being, recovery from illness and most recently, my sons battle with asthma and eczema. Gen takes the time to listen to your issue, and then suggests several ways to naturally address the problem. She understands my concerns as a parent not wanting to expose my son to harsh chemicals and unnecessary treatments. Every time I have asked Gen for advice, she had delivered a holistic, cost effective treatment that has most importantly worked. In addition to this, Gen has made a point of always following up after each consultation we have had. This personalised service is a true testament to the committed and dedicated approach Gen takes with all her clients. I won’t go anywhere else.

Holly, Wagga Wagga

The past year has been a tough one for me so getting in touch with Gen has definitely helped me through, she is not only so positive, but everything she has recommended has really helped me.  I have suffered from bowel disease for a long time and Gen has helped me look at natural therapies to control this successfully.  I have also been through extreme grief and Gen has been right beside me through the whole process and as I have advanced through the various stages she has been able to advise me on what to take and it has honestly helped me so much, I would not have been able to get through the last 6 months without her guidance.  Gen is extremely passionate about what she does and is so knowledgeable about all the natural therapies that are available.  I would not hesitate in recommending her to anybody.

Trina, The Ponds

I was sceptical but desperate. I have a long history of eczema and one winter it became particularly inflamed when I saw Genevieve. After her consultation I walked away with her recommended supplements hoping they would help a bit  – they helped a lot.  Within a week my skin was looking so much better and within the coming months I felt so much better overall. Thank you Genevieve.

Caroline, Port Melbourne

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Julie, Marayong


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Cheryl, Parklea


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Sarah, North Rocks


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Louise, Kings Park


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Jess, Blacktown

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