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How Naturopathy Can Help With Your Chronic Pain

on August 2, 2018
How did you find Genevieve?
I searched the Hills District Mums FB group for a recommendation for a naturopath. I saw you could book online and made the appointment.
How were your pain levels before Genevieve started treating you?
I would describe it as chronic pain that severely impacted my quality of life on a daily basis. While looking at me you would not necessarily know it, I was in pain 24 hours a day. It was my normal.
How has your pain changed since you started treatment?
In less than 5 weeks I have achieved a significant reduction in pain levels. Instead of feeling like 20 years older, I am feeling younger.
What other changes have you noticed once you started treatment?
I have more energy. I have more mental clarity to tackle life in general and I have a more positive outlook.
What are you now looking forward to achieving in your life?
I am really excited to see where this health journey may take me. My health has been declining over the course of 15 years to the point that I suffer from multiple autoimmune conditions. Being able to manage them and becoming more active in general would be great. Even contemplating bike riding with the kids sent shivers down my back, but now I actually feel it could be possible!
Do you have any advice for others?
Keep trying. Keep looking for answers. I felt I was not living my best life in chronic pain and it was a unfortunate event that made me realise life can be very short and the time is now to try again. I am so thankful I got online and booked an appointment. I believe that each small positive change will add up and give me more energy and motivation to make even more positive long-term changes
Jay, Kellyville Ridge

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