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How Naturopathy can help prevent miscarriage.

How did you find Genevieve?

Genevieve was recommended to me by a friend and also through the Hills District Mums (Facebook group).

How did she help you to prevent miscarriage?

Genevieve looked at all of my blood results and worked out what supplements I needed to be on during the pre conception phase. I had thyroid issues that needed to be treated along with a MTHFR mutation that needed to be treated which I strongly believe played a significant role in my miscarriages.

Did she treat your partner as well?

Yes, Genevieve also treated my partner. He had thorough blood tests and we found out that he not only had an MTHFR mutation but that it was the same one I have, which made it even more likely that was playing a role in our miscarriages. He was also on a regime of supplements during the pre conception phase.

What benefits did you get from your consultations?

The benefit is ultimately the resulting healthy pregnancy that followed the pre conception care (quickly falling pregnant on the 2nd cycle). This led to a healthy baby girl. Even prior to falling pregnant it felt really good to pro-actively try an alternative to fertility specialists and regular medicine, as we had just been told by doctors there was no reason for the miscarriages and that 3 consecutive miscarriages was just bad luck. Genevieve saw it very differently and knew she could get us a healthy pregnancy, for which we are very grateful!

Do you have any advice for others?

I strongly urge anyone having fertility issues, particularly those surrounding miscarriage to have a consultation with Genevieve.

Amanda, Kings Langley


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