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How Naturopathy can help Chronic Fatigue?

How did you find Genevieve?

I found Genevieve through a series of coincidental events. Well, that’s not entirely true actually, because I don’t really believe in coincidences any more! I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. So, these are the series of events that happened “accidentally on purpose”, which led to my partnership with Gen…

My mum had recently purchased some natural supplements from a health care practitioner for her arthritis. She was no longer seeing this particular practitioner, but wanted to purchase more of these supplements, as they had helped her considerably. She got online to start searching for the product, and found that there was a clinic she worked at that stocked it. Mum got in touch with this clinic to order the supplements. She chatted to the receptionist about her current health concerns, and learned about a naturopath working there called Genevieve.

Mum was very interested in natural healing and was intrigued to learn more about it, so she decided to book an appointment with Genevieve.

Naturopathy was something that was quite new to my mother. I, on the other hand, had been dabbling in it for years. Mum was therefore a little apprehensive about embarking on this new adventure, so she asked if I would mind accompanying her to her first appointment. I was more than happy to go along, and had to admit that I was quite intrigued by it all myself. During mum’s appointment, I was very impressed by Genevieve’s knowledge, experience and passion.

Gen even made same time to give me a few helpful tips during my mum’s appointment! I had been experiencing quite a few health challenges myself, so I decided to book myself in for an appointment with Gen too, and the rest, as they say, is history!

How was your health when you first came to Genevieve?

My health was at an all time low before I went to see Genevieve. I had been through a lot of prolonged stress, and it had really taken a toll on my body…I wound up with glandular fever, adrenal fatigue, chronic pain, migraines, insomnia and serious digestion issues. My health challenges had become completely debilitating and frustrating.

I had been reading, researching and trying my best to make positive life changes in order to improve my health and get my life back. I learnt a lot and experienced some success myself, but I knew that I still had a way to go. I also came to the realisation that I needed professional help and support in order to really heal myself and reach optimal health again.

What did Genevieve do to help with your health?

Wow…where to begin? Gen has done so very much to help me with my healing journey! It started with her recommending the GAPS diet to me. I had wanted to start this for some time, but felt too overwhelmed by it all and didn’t know where to begin. Gen not only provided all the necessary information to begin this diet, she supported me and guided me through it every step of the way. I am still on this diet, about a year later, but have relaxed into it a lot more now, and don’t need to be as strict with it anymore. It has become more of a way of life than a diet for me.

Gen also paid great attention to my symptoms, concerns and aspirations. She recommended various tests along the way, supplements and herbs when needed, as well as an amazing holistic doctor- whom she worked with side-by-side to get me kicking goals again in my life.
I had regular consultations with Gen, but was also able to contact her via phone and email when I needed to ask extra questions, gain further clarification about things, or order additional supplements when I ran out! She was extremely supportive and was always there for me when I needed her. This was really important for me, because my healing was like a bit of a roller coaster ride for a while there!

How do you feel now?

I now feel like a whole new person! I have worked closely with Gen, a holistic doctor, a specialist and an osteopath/trigger point therapist to heal my body. I have also done a lot of work myself through good nutrition, yoga, exercise, mediation etc. It really has to be a team effort, and you have to be 100% committed to getting well.

I have certainly come a long way in terms of my health. If I look back to where I was a year ago, I feel almost unrecognisable. The healing that has taken place is absolutely wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I still have quite a bit of work to do. A year from now, if I continue to do all the right things and concentrate on getting well, I think I will most likely be at optimal health again. It has been many years since I remember feeling really well, healthy, fit and energised, but I can see that that day will be here again before I know it!

What advice do you have for others?

I have to say in all honestly that getting well can be quite a challenging journey at times…Often you feel worse before you feel better. But like everything in life, this passes, and soon you start to get glimpses of your best, healthy self. When you see this, you know that you are on the right track and that all your hard work and determination is paying off. This is all the encouragement you need to keep going…

Gradually, the “glimpses” last for longer and longer…hours…days…and you start to feel really great! It is such a wonderful and exciting feeling! You feel so alive…so excited and blessed and like the world is your oyster!

I still have bad days and I still experience setbacks from time to time, however, they pale in comparison to what they used to be like. My bad days are never quite as bad now. My setbacks are never as difficult either. I have also become stronger and more resilient- my immune system is the best it’s ever been in my life, and I bounce back so much more quickly than I ever used to. I don’t just feel physically stronger, I feel mentally stronger and happier too. Getting well was both the hardest and the best thing I ever did. If you have been thinking about making changes in your life, small or large, in order to be the best, healthiest version of yourself that you can be, I’d encourage you to stop thinking about it and start doing it!

You never need to feel alone. Gen is amazing- she will be a wonderful support to you and she can also put you in touch with anyone else that you need on your road to recovery. I would like to thank Gen for her ongoing support and her amazing commitment to helping me and many others get well. Thanks Gen!

Sarah, North Rocks

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How Can Naturopathy Help Prevent Miscarriages?

How did you find out about Genevieve?

I have known Gen for nearly 7 years after we went to the same mothers group and started seeing her as a naturopath nearly 3 years ago but in between she has always given me great advice!

How was your health when you first came for an appointment?

After having 2 miscarriages and doctors being no help I was feeling completely lost.

How did Genevieve help you?

Gens first thought was to do a saliva test which showed how my hormone levels were not as they should be….she then prescribed various products…within a few weeks I started feeling different and I can now say I am now the proud mama of a 5 month old baby girl!!!!!!

It was not only this …it was the support throughout the pregnancy and she made sure I was at peak health and emotionally supported me through a very nervous and scary pregnancy!

How did your health change?

I credit Gen with the birth of my baby as the doctors were not finding anything wrong with me and she picked it up straight away!

How did Dan’s health change once he started on the treatment?

My hubby was on a lot of meds at the time we were trying to conceive and as normal doctors never look at the male.  Gen asked all the right questions so we then realised he needed to be looked at as well.  Gen prescribed some natural products to help with sperm production as well.

What advice do you have for others?

I would definitely recommend Gen….she is so thorough and looks at all areas of what might be going on …she is very knowledgeable and on top of that gives the emotional support on your journey.

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How can a Naturopath Help With Warts?

How did you find out about Genevieve?

Through an Attachment Parenting Facebook group

How was your health when you first came for an appointment?

I was in good health but one concern I had was I had warts on my fingers and legs that started maybe 20 years ago that were spreading and I had tried almost everything to get rid of them.

How did Genevieve help you?

By given us accurate diagnosis and treated them successfully through the use of natural remedies and supplementation.

For over 10 years I had taken countless trips for painful treatments to the doctors to get my warts  burned off and even lasered – nothing seemed to work and I almost resolved to the fact that I would be scarred with embarrassing and painful warts for the rest of my life. I knew thought I had to address the wart virus internally. A dermatologist recommended I take a very strong course of medication which i declined as I was breastfeeding.

When I showed Gen my concerns she told me about the success she’s had with homoeopathics. I took the course of remedies and to my surprise within 3-4 weeks the warts appeared to reduce and within another few weeks totally gone! It really was like magic! Nothing I had tried previously worked and they had all been invasive and painfully and here the remedies, although tasted awful worked a treat! I was absolutely thrilled. No scarring and one of my thumbs which I thought would be disfigured has healed and grown back normally.

I have since seen Gen through my second pregnancy and continue to see with her any concerns we have with our children. Most recently , Gen diagnosed Candida in my 5 month old baby who was developing eczema like rashes. From a simple heal prick she studied his bloods and diagnosed is problem as Candida and made recommendations as to how to manage and address the cause. The rash subsided within a few days and he’s now eczema free. All without any drugs or steroids. She’s definitely on our ‘go-to’ list for any health issues we may have for safe and drug free recovery.

How did your health change?

For treatment during my pregnancy, Gen was able to read my blood tests and recommend appropriate supplementation. I had a very comfortable pregnancy with strong energy levels.

What advice do you have for others?

Gen is a wealth of knowledge. If you have any form of health concern it’s definitely worth having a consult with her to find out what the underlying cause could be and how she can help. Having a health practitioner like her whom is so easily accessible gives me a lot of assurance that my family’s health is in good care.

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