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How Naturopathy Can Help With Child Behavioural Issues

I received this email from a client who is pleased with the progress of their child’s behaviour since coming to see me. The mother told me that I could share this but her name has been omitted and the child’s name is changed for privacy reasons.

Hey Gen,

I just wanted to give you an update as I’m feeling a little emotional this evening.

Riley started his supplements on Friday. Prior to that he was in the Metagenics Femmex – ½ tsp – for 10 days.

On Friday afternoon, a friend commented on what a good mood Riley was in on the soccer field.  He is often emotional and cries on the field sometimes when he makes a mistake.  He is frequently grumpy and sullen after the game.  I’ve always put it down to tiredness, but on Friday he was peppy and chatting and having fun on the field.

Last night, hubby and I agreed that it seems the lows have disappeared and he was really happy and chatty over the weekend.

Today at about 5pm, I discovered he hadn’t eaten much from his lunch box.  The last time his lunch box was like this, his behaviour reduced me to tears and it prompted the message to you!  But today, he came home and did homework, read two novels, watched a bit of TV and asked his siblings if they wanted to play outside with him.

I was busy all afternoon and no one asked for food so afternoon tea was just some fruit as dinner was going to be early.  When I noticed his lunch box at 5pm, he explained a kid had handled his lunch and he didn’t want to eat it.  I stated he must be starving and he agreed and I got him a snack.  I couldn’t believe he level-headed and calm he was this afternoon.

Sure, missing out on lunch isn’t ideal but this would’ve been catastrophic any other day.  I spent this evening reflecting and am realising how on edge I am, waiting for the explosion of emotion over any little thing.  I’m hoping this isn’t a co-incidence and there are many more positives to come.  I just thought you’d like to hear this very early update.

naughty child

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