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How Naturopathy Can Help Type II Diabetes

How did you find Genevieve?

I had just been given fairly bad news from my endocrinologist about my kidneys and I sought advice (from as it turned out to be) Genevieve at the Vitamin Shoppe at North Rocks.

How was your health when you first came to see Genevieve?

I had been struggling to get my blood sugar under control (I am a Type 2 diabetic) and my results had just continued to get worse from the time that I had consulted the endocrinologist (my GP had been treating me prior to this). If my 3 month blood sugar reading had not improved when I went back to the endocrinologist then I was informed that I would be placed on insulin.

I had also lost my husband with terminal lung cancer 14 months prior to finding Genevieve and although there was no direct link established, I had recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called lichen planus. I had suffered periods of sub optimal mental health since having my son in 1992 and suffering post natal depression for 2 years prior to diagnosis. It was suggested that I may have pyrroles disorder. A thyroid test also showed my thyroid was not functioning correctly.

How has your health changed since you started treatment?

The first issue was to address my blood sugar levels and by the 3 month check this had reduced by 40% on previous readings. I texted Genevieve to thank her for her help in reducing this issue, and preventing me at this stage from need to take insulin.  Genevieve researched lichen planus and I am also taking regular medication to try and reduce the effects of this condition.

When I return for an oral biopsy they were unable to confirm this disorder and am being monitored every 6 months for possible developments which hopefully will not occur with naturopathic medication (raspberry leaf).

I have only recently started treatments for pyrroles and my thyroid. I have the utmost confidence in Genevieve’s advice on these issues and  will continue to follow her advice.

Do you have any advice for others?

I was absolutely astounded by my blood sugar results that were achieved and look forward to improved health in the future with Genevieve’s guidance.

My advice is to seek Genevieve out and soon (and never loose sight of her). She is a brilliant professional and I will continue to trust her with my heath. You absolutely should try this as it works!


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How Naturopathy Can Help Whooping Cough

I had my son tested for whooping cough by the doctor as he was showing signs of a runny nose and was experiencing mild coughing fits. The school he currently attends had put out notices of Whooping Cough cases, which helped me diagnose it faster thankfully.
He was prescribed antibiotics of Arithromizin after his swab test came back positive. After completing his 6 day course of Arithromizin, his second swab test came back positive much to the doctors surprise, proving the antibiotics were ineffective at ridding the bacteria…the doctor prescribed more antibiotics.
I chose to eliminate Whooping Cough naturally with Genevieve, who approached my sons case with informative care. She was thorough and quick to help me. Through her prescription of certain vitamins and herbs (for 5 days) on my sons third swab test the results came back negative! I was so happy and relieved as the swab tests themselves hurt.
I observed that the symptoms subsided faster when we were treating Whooping Cough naturally then when on antibiotics, which means a lot when dealing with children and Whooping Cough being so contagious.
I would thoroughly recommend Genevieve to any parent concerned about their child’s health. Her knowledge of the human body together with her experience as a mother greatly added to our case.
Elle, Stanhope Gardens
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How Naturopathy Can Help Anxiety and Depression

How did you find Genevieve?

I was introduced to Genevieve through a friend who had started to see her.  She spoke about Gen and the treatment she was having – she was very excited about the changes that where happening to her because of the in-depth process Gen went through to understand her problems.   I could see the changes happening to my friend and I this peaked my interest in seeing if this would work for me.  My friend highly recommended that I see Gen and I thought I had nothing to lose to just talking to her and seeing if she could help.

How was your health when you first came to Genevieve?   

My health was not good.  I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety since 1988, on continuous medication all that time – some medication having adverse effects on my health such as massive weight gains.  Been on HRT for over twenty years – which the doctors seemed to be ok with.  I felt unwell most of the time,  tired continually,  I could not lose any weight,  I wanted to remove HRT from my life and I did not have a healthy relationship with food in general.

I just felt blah all day every day.   After so many years under doctors and taking the chemical treatments,  I thought there had to be a better way to feel and live my life.  After listening to my girlfriend and seeing the change in her,  I made a conscious choice to go down the natural path and see what came out of a meeting with Gen – I really had nothing to lose as I was always feel unwell and yet the doctors didn’t seem to know what was wrong with me or even how to treat me.   Most of the doctors blamed everything on the depression and anxiety.

What did Genevieve do to help with your health?

Within the first month Gen had helped with the withdrawal from HRT.  It was an easy step with her help and her natural medicines helped heaps.  As the HRT also helped with my anxiety,  I was very wary that once off the HRT that side effect would come roaring to the fore.   I had no adverse side effects from the withdrawal of HRT due to Gen’s help and natural therapies.

After this first step, Gen suggested some simple tests and the results showed I had a high level of Pyrroles.  Gen is helping with natural vitamins and minerals to balance this out and hopefully I will be able to drop down from the depressive medication.  She is also helping me with lowering my cholesterol level by natural methods instead of the harsh chemical medicine the doctors wanted to prescribe.

How do you feel now?

I feel much, much better.   After the first month of using natural treatments I have never felt better.  I am on a gluten free diet (I don’t always rigidly stay true to the diet, I do break out every now and then but try to stay gluten free as possible – cheese is my killer !!!) but it has been extremely helpful and makes me feel better.  I can see in the coming months of an increase in my overall health and I love that I am able to feel this way by natural support and Gen by my side helping me.

What advice do you have for others?   

I have always been very willing to follow doctors’ orders until recently.  As I have gotten older I have realised doctors don’t hold all the answer to my health issues but I do.  And in realising this I know I want to be able to make the choice of getting treatment for myself from both a doctor and my naturopath.  Natural remedies are so much more than our doctors allow us to understand.

The poo pooing that goes on when you mention to a doctor you want to work hand in hand with a naturopath for your own health treatments is something they will not have a bar of.  I don’t believe the doctors know everything but I think it is up to me to decide and I would like to have my doctors willing to use both medicinal and natural products to help me.  A holistic approach is more and more appealing to me.  Gen has improved my health greatly since I have been seeing her and by using her natural treatments.  I look forward to working with Gen, and my G.P. to move forward in a health and happy life.

Jo, Kellyville

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