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How can a Naturopath Help With Warts?

on January 4, 2016

How did you find out about Genevieve?

Through an Attachment Parenting Facebook group

How was your health when you first came for an appointment?

I was in good health but one concern I had was I had warts on my fingers and legs that started maybe 20 years ago that were spreading and I had tried almost everything to get rid of them.

How did Genevieve help you?

By given us accurate diagnosis and treated them successfully through the use of natural remedies and supplementation.

For over 10 years I had taken countless trips for painful treatments to the doctors to get my warts  burned off and even lasered – nothing seemed to work and I almost resolved to the fact that I would be scarred with embarrassing and painful warts for the rest of my life. I knew thought I had to address the wart virus internally. A dermatologist recommended I take a very strong course of medication which i declined as I was breastfeeding.

When I showed Gen my concerns she told me about the success she’s had with homoeopathics. I took the course of remedies and to my surprise within 3-4 weeks the warts appeared to reduce and within another few weeks totally gone! It really was like magic! Nothing I had tried previously worked and they had all been invasive and painfully and here the remedies, although tasted awful worked a treat! I was absolutely thrilled. No scarring and one of my thumbs which I thought would be disfigured has healed and grown back normally.

I have since seen Gen through my second pregnancy and continue to see with her any concerns we have with our children. Most recently , Gen diagnosed Candida in my 5 month old baby who was developing eczema like rashes. From a simple heal prick she studied his bloods and diagnosed is problem as Candida and made recommendations as to how to manage and address the cause. The rash subsided within a few days and he’s now eczema free. All without any drugs or steroids. She’s definitely on our ‘go-to’ list for any health issues we may have for safe and drug free recovery.

How did your health change?

For treatment during my pregnancy, Gen was able to read my blood tests and recommend appropriate supplementation. I had a very comfortable pregnancy with strong energy levels.

What advice do you have for others?

Gen is a wealth of knowledge. If you have any form of health concern it’s definitely worth having a consult with her to find out what the underlying cause could be and how she can help. Having a health practitioner like her whom is so easily accessible gives me a lot of assurance that my family’s health is in good care.

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