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How Naturopathy Can Help Whooping Cough

on May 24, 2016
I had my son tested for whooping cough by the doctor as he was showing signs of a runny nose and was experiencing mild coughing fits. The school he currently attends had put out notices of Whooping Cough cases, which helped me diagnose it faster thankfully.
He was prescribed antibiotics of Arithromizin after his swab test came back positive. After completing his 6 day course of Arithromizin, his second swab test came back positive much to the doctors surprise, proving the antibiotics were ineffective at ridding the bacteria…the doctor prescribed more antibiotics.
I chose to eliminate Whooping Cough naturally with Genevieve, who approached my sons case with informative care. She was thorough and quick to help me. Through her prescription of certain vitamins and herbs (for 5 days) on my sons third swab test the results came back negative! I was so happy and relieved as the swab tests themselves hurt.
I observed that the symptoms subsided faster when we were treating Whooping Cough naturally then when on antibiotics, which means a lot when dealing with children and Whooping Cough being so contagious.
I would thoroughly recommend Genevieve to any parent concerned about their child’s health. Her knowledge of the human body together with her experience as a mother greatly added to our case.
Elle, Stanhope Gardens

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