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How Naturopathy Can Help Stomach Problems

on August 15, 2016

I met Therese at my youngest son’s playgroup. While our children played together we discussed health issues in children before turning to our own health stories. Not long after, Therese came to see me at my clinic and I helped her get back on the road to good health.

As a blogger who concentrates on life as a Swede living in Australia, she took to her blog to talk about how her health has improved in her post called The way back from years of tummy problems.

Here’s the opening lines;

“To live your life fighting pain is unfortunately way too common these days. No matter what type of pain you are suffering from the constant struggle or the roller coaster you are going through makes everyday life harder than necessary and it is easy to loose yourself in the battle. Today I want to tell you about my (in comparison to other pretty humble) story and what helped me to get where I am today. On my way to full recovery I hope! But to start I have to go back in time.”

Please click on this link to read her whole story on her recovery from stomach pains.


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